Welcome to the cup created for those who carry football in their hearts, the ameteur players of football, just like you.

An event of just football, teams of friends together, coming from all over the world, sharing their passion for football, at a special place as Río de Janeiro, with all itś charm.

This Cup not only includes the organization, logistic dynamics but also the mysticism of a real international world cup. You will have the best fields, judges and authorities, with backup of medical asistance and kinesiologists, also, security, transportations and charters plus the amazing backround.

The feeling of that special sound of the ball rolling on the field will envolve you. Besides all the new experiences you will live through, the beaches and surroundings of Río, sharing with your friends a special week based on a mix of football, vacations and fun.

Professionally organized the event starts at the moment you arrive at Galeao airport. A magical week building lasting memories, that for sure you will want to live again, like all the players who already have participated in the Cup before and are coming back once again with their dreams chaising for the trophy.