A Cup With Amateur Sportmanship

The Amateur World Cup is an event reserved only for non profesional players.

You can sign up by yourself and participate in it’s diferent categories of friendship teams from more than 14 countries around the world. This way there are frequent teams coming from regional tournaments or from club leagues of their countries

but mostly formed by teams of friends gathered for this cup, mantaining always the amateur spirit.

The tournament challenges parallel cups for the models of Football 11 and Football 7.

The cups are divided in categories by age.

This way we have: the the Challenge Free Cup (over 18 years old), Master Cup (players ofer 38 years old) and Super Master Cup (players over 48 years old)

Participating in the Cup not only means an organized championship whith high standards but also enjoying a week of tourism at the best beaches and hotels of Rio de Janeiro.

The participation for the Amateur Football World Cup has a cost of U$D 1100.- per player and U$D 800 per accompanying person. a total price that includes all expenses at brasilian territory, logistics, tournament participation including services of support and hosting at the best beaches and hotels of Rio de Janeiro with continental breakfast service throughout the tournament.

The cost of the round trip ticket from the airport at the point of departure to the airport at the point of arrival for the teams can be additionally purchased by the player, or you can buy it through the organization of the tournament,  per player or for all the team.