How to sign up

To sign up to participate in the Amateur World Cup the first condition is to reserve a place for the choosed category in witch you want to play. This reservation is completed by the payment of at least the cost of one player per team.
The cost of participating in the tournament is of U$1.100 per player. This payment includes all expenses during the week in Brasil, (shuttle to your hotel from and to the airport, transfer to the games, hotel accommodation throughout the tournament participation in the Cup.) In adition the cost of the air ticket from the airport at the point of departure to the airport at the point of arrival for the teams must be added. The ticket can be additionally purchased by the player, or you can buy it through the organization of the tournament  per player or for all the team.
Just for reference the air ticket Buenos Aires-Rio purchasing it through the organization has a cost of U$600.-
Once the reservation has been accepted (depending on the available spots of the category you chose) the team must complete a list of all the personal information requested of each player on good faith, there is no need to have this list completed at the moment you suscribe the team,you have time up to the deadline on October 30th. The complete amount for the participation of all the players of each team can be cancelled by monthly payments since the sign up date finals at november 1st 2018. In the case that a new player signs up for the team the fairs will be upgraded. In all instances, however with no exceptions the total amount to participate must be cancelled up to october 30th, 2018.
The players will have at their disposal payment facilities with credit cards, individually and personal, under the terms agreed with the organizing company based in USA.
For mor information contact the organization at the phone numbers and info available.
To consider the team as Registered, the following information will be requested:

• Team name

• Category in which it would sign in for

• Number of players

• Players full name

• If travelling with non players, companions full name

• Phone contact from at least three players.

• At least the first payment of the whole package should be paid

Please fill out the info and registration form so we can get in touch